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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Established more than 40 years ago, Absolute Carpet Care are a Brisbane based carpet cleaner and cleaning company providing the greater Brisbane region; from Capalaba to Logan and including all of the West Brisbane and East Brisbane suburbs with quality carpet care, upholstery care and tile and grout cleaning services.

From carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning, in your homes, schools, and large areas of hundreds to thousands of square metres – no cleaning job is too big or too small for Absolute Carpet Care.

Covering all Brisbane Suburbs

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Domestic Carpet Cleaning
Emergency Water Damage Restoration
Upholstery Cleaning
Leather Repair & Cleaning
Tile & Grout Cleaning

Water Damage
Commercial Carpet Care

I would like to send my sincere thanks to Absolute Carpet Care for the wonderful job that they did in looking after the carpets at the school. As this was the first time th ...
Norma Biggs

Some of the services that Absolute Carpet Care provide to the greater Brisbane area are as follows:

Restoration Carpet Cleaning Brisbane:

Restoration carpet cleaning is used where there is soiling visible on the carpet.  

This type of cleaning is recommended for carpets where pets have been present and soiling or odor has occurred.  

Our professional carpet cleaners have many years of experience and we know that we are the best carpet cleaning company in the Brisbane region!
We offer high pressure and extraction cleaning services in Brisbane for your tiles and grouting, as well as regular and non-slip vinyl. This is an excellent form of cleaning for commercial facilities with bars and kitchens.

Our upholstery cleaning services include fabric, leather, mattresses, vertical blinds and fabric protection.

Absolute Carpet Care offers a 24 hour cleaning service for water damaged carpets and flooring. When your home or facility gets unwanted water, from a burst pipe, floor damage, leaking roof or even an overflowing washing machine, quick action is essential to mitigate the damage. Absolute Carpet Care will also invoice your insurance company directly for you [conditions apply].

Absolute Carpet Care offers a carpet maintenance program to ensure that your carpet is cleaned regularly and is well maintained. We have customers who have their carpets cleaned on a regular basis, either bi-monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly to ensure that their carpet does not ugly-out before it wears-out. We also offer commercial carpet cleaning for offices, factories and schools.

Why Would You Use Absolute Carpet Care?

  • We turn up on time – we give an ETA (or you will receive a phone call)
  • You will not hear swearing or foul language
  • Fully insured cleaning services
  • Our professional carpet cleaners are certified.
  • Member of industry association (SRCP) www.srcp.org.au
  • We will always display a professional & respectful attitude. (We “get it”. We understand that we are coming into your private world and that it is a privilege to be there).
  • You will never be belittled or be raided.
  • We mostly use a 2 man team for speed and efficiency in our cleaning process.

So, reach out to us if you want clean, fresh and hygienic carpets, upholstery, tiles and grout cleaning, anywhere in Brisbane.    Phone 1300 136 365

Meet Trusted Carpet Cleaners Providing Affordable & Best Carpet Cleaning Services
Cleanliness and hygiene should be integral parts of our lives. The current times have made us realise that we cannot take these for granted, and that we should ensure cleanliness and hygiene in our surroundings at all times.

Sam Veda rightly said “One who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases.” We believe in the same, which is why we have set out on a journey of bringing cleanliness and hygiene to peoples’ lives through our carpet cleaning services in Brisbane. With an experience of over 40 years, and with the use of top quality cleaning products and modern equipment in our cleaning process, we ensure your carpets are dust free, stain free and germ free.

With our professional carpet cleaning services, you can get all types and materials of carpets cleaned to ‘Absolute’ perfection, be it commercial or residential carpet cleaning in Brisbane.

Our carpet cleaning team in Brisbane is ready whenever you are.

Quality & Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Brisbane

Did you know that carpets can sometimes be dirtier than a toilet seat? Carpets are home to dust, germs, mites and skin flakes. In addition to this, stains from food spills, liquid spills and pet urine, if left untreated, can become germ breeding spots. This is why you need professional carpet cleaning by expert cleaners from time to time.

Many people try to clean carpets themselves, resulting in wastage of time and ‘not so good’ results. It’s therefore always better to hire quality carpet cleaning services in Brisbane. We are a team of expert carpet cleaners in Brisbane who leave no stone unturned to restore your carpets to their original look making the carpet fibres shine again.

We are punctual, friendly and cooperative. We understand that the carpet cleaning process might affect your schedule for the day which is why we take extreme care to cause minimal disturbance while we are there. We also take special requests to visit during non-working hours for carpet cleaning services in Brisbane.

Top Rated Carpet Cleaners in Brisbane

We all pay attention to maintain a healthy and safe environment in our homes. But you are mistaken if you think a simple pest control  will drive all the uncleanliness away from your home. You need to pay attention to carpet cleaning, tiles and grout cleaning, and other furniture cleaning as well to maintain a healthy home environment.

So, if you are looking for top-rated Carpet Cleaners in Brisbane, your search ends with us. Absolute Carpet Care is a top-rated cleaning service noted for its flexibility and ability to remove even the toughest stains.

We specialise in offering high-quality carpet cleaning services in Brisbane without the use of dangerous chemicals or harsh detergents that could be harmful to your health. Stain removal from the carpets is a huge part of our carpet cleaning process. We also clean up oil or ink spills that you could find difficult to clean up, even after struggling for a long time. With us, you can rest assured that your carpet fibres will be restored to their original shine and lustre.

We are up for any task that comes our way because we have extensive expertise in cleaning carpets. In addition, our team of experts can remove pet urine odours, clean rugs, dry clean your carpets. Our carpet dry cleaning process is quick and won’t leave you struggling with a moist carpet.

We offer environmentally friendly and cost-effective cleaning services. We pay close attention to customer service and client satisfaction, ensuring that our cleaning method causes the least amount of disruption to our clients.

Our expert cleaners never compromise on the quality of services and our customers say the same for us. Get your home smelling and looking fresh and aesthetic with us today.

Difference between Carpet Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a tedious and tiring task and gives the desired results only when done by pros. They are aware of what methods will suit your needs. The most common carpet cleaning methods are dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Let’s find out how they differ from each other.

Dry cleaning and steam cleaning your carpets are both likely options; the major difference between them is the amount of water that is used.

Steam cleaning removes dirt and spills from your carpet using hot water extraction, extending the carpet’s life. Most carpets, especially wool, respond nicely to steam cleaning. High-pressure hot water is injected into the carpet via a machine. The water is then extracted, carrying all of the grime and dirt with it.

Steam cleaning eliminates deep-down stains, filth, and grime. It also kills bacteria and eliminates dust mites, pollen, mildew, and pet odours. It frequently outperforms other methods and no harsh chemicals are used.

Dry cleaning on the other hand involves use of absorbents. Carpet dry cleaning in Brisbane uses a tiny quantity of water in all procedures, but significantly less than steam cleaning. An absorbent chemical is dusted over the carpet or sprayed with a machine in the dry cleaning process. In carpet dry cleaning, the drying time is short. It is ideal for cleaning high-traffic areas and can be effective in stubborn spot removal.

These two cleaning processes are different from each other but have their own benefits. Our team has experts in both. So, go ahead and hire our professional carpet cleaning team for an absolutely quick and smooth cleaning experience.
What Makes Us Brisbane’s Best Carpet Cleaners

So, what makes us your first choice for best carpet cleaning in Brisbane?
  • We have over 40 years of experience in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.
  • We use environmentally friendly and top quality cleaning products in our cleaning process.
  • We provide carpet dry cleaning services.
  • We us state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment
  • We employ modern and effective cleaning techniques like steam cleaning.
  • Trained, experienced and dedicated carpet cleaning team in Brisbane.
  • Budget friendly cleaning packages.
  • We have a Rotovac which is a motorised head and cleans up to 3 times better than wand cleaning.

Give us a call today for the most effective Brisbane carpet cleaning.

Call Absolute Carpet Care today on 1300 136 365.
For Our Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Services…
You’ll be amazed at the results!

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