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Leather Lounges Cleaning & Repairs Brisbane
Leather is great product but it needs to be regularly cleaned & conditioned to keep it looking and feeling great.

Sometimes from moving or pets Leather furniture, particularly couches can get scratched or even suffer holes or small tears.

All is not lost we at Absolute Carpet Care can repair that scratch, tear or hole, and even match the colour so that the repair to your lounge is almost unnoticeable.
Leather Lounge Restoration & Recolouring In Brisbane
We at Absolute Carpet Care can clean and condition

  • leather lounge chairs
  • office chairs
  • and even the seats in your motor vehicle
Leather Couch Cleaning in Brisbane
Buying a leather couch seems excellent to upgrade the visual appearance of your lounge. But leather demands careful usage and proper care. Thus, the cleaning of leather lounges should only be done by experts. It is vital to know the type of leather used as leather comes with different types of finish. In some leather couches, the dirt sticks to the surface whereas suede leather absorbs some of the dust. Using wrong cleaning methods can lead to disastrous results.

Our experts examine your lounge and recommend a cleaning regime for the best leather lounge cleaning and restoration colouring in Brisbane, making sure your sofa is cleaned in the safest and most efficient way.
“Leather couch is certainly a talking point – everyone is so amazed at your great work”
N.H. Robertson
Repair & Recolour Leather Lounge
We can repair scratches and small holes e.g. Cigarette burns. We can professionally fill the hole and recolour the repair so that you won’t notice the repair
Leather Couch Tear Before
Leather Couch Tear After
Recolour Leather Lounge

We are able to recolour Leather in part or an entire piece of furniture. We do full leather chairs, lounges or seats in motor vehicles,
Chesterfield Leather Lounge Restoration Before
Chesterfield Leather Lounge Restoration Before
Chesterfield Leather Lounge Restoration After
Lexus Seats Leather Repair
Leather Repair In Lexus Before
Leather Repair In Lexus After
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For All Your Leather Cleaning, Repair,
Restoration And Conditioning.
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