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Brisbane Tile and Grout Cleaning

Absolute Carpet Care have professional machinery that uses pressures between 1000 psi and 3000 psi to clean your tiles and grouting.

No job is too big or too small, from a small bathroom through to a massive commercial area, nothing is a problem for Absolute Carpet Care. We are also able to use the same procedure that is used to clean tiles and grouting to clean vinyl and no-slip vinyl in kitchens or large areas in commercial facilities.
Our tile and grout cleaning system is a 6 step process

Our tile and grout cleaning system is suitable for both ceramic and porcelain tiles only.

The six step tile and grout cleaning system includes:

  1. Pre-inspection
    We identify what type of tiles you have.
  2. Careful movement of your furniture.
    Most furniture will be moved.
  3. Dry sweep and/of vacuum the area.
    To remove dry soiling and large particles.
  4. Apply a commercial cleaning solution.
  5. High pressure and extraction cleaning with a powerful Truck Mount system.
    No splash, no mess and no standing in water.
  6. Dry mop floor
    Mop or wipe over your tiles with drying towels.
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High pressure and extraction cleaning of Tile & Grout in a shower recess in a commercial facility.
High pressure and extraction cleaning. This shows the build up of grease & soiling in less than 18 months.
High pressure and extraction cleaning of vinyl in a domestic kitchen after the best that could be done with a mop.
High pressure and extraction cleaning of vinyl in an electronic work shop.
Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Following a carefully curated systematic approach is a quintessential part of our entir cleaning process at Absolute Carpet Care.

Not only for upholstery and carpet cleaning, but we have a six-step cleaning process for our tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane as well. We commence with surveying the cleanliness needs of your tiles and leave after giving them a new-like look.

Our high-end equipment ensures desired results for both vinyl and tiled flooring. Whether the tiles were cleaned a year ago or five years ago, we have the means to remove even stubborn stains and grime with ease.

We finish our services on a sweet-smelling note by deodorising the cleaned area. Our professionals ensure that the customer’s tile and grout not only look good as new but feel fresh as well. We also offer free stain removal wherever possible- just a few perks of hiring Absolute Carpet Care.

Well, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial 1300 136 365 now. You can also get your free quote on the site.
Professional Tile & Grout cleaners in Brisbane

The professional tile and grout cleaners in Brisbane understand the relevance of clean and hygienic tiles, especially for bathrooms. So, they employ the best cleaning equipment and skills to your aid.

We offer tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane only for ceramic and porcelain tiles, where hot water extraction with our truck-mounted equipment ensures desired results.
Why should you hire Absolute Carpet Care for your tile cleaning?

  • 24/7 damage service
  • 6-step cleaning process
  • Professional equipment & cleaning solutions used
  • Perfect for both residential and commercial floor cleaning
  • Over 40 years of experience to your aid
  • Quality is always a priority
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
Why are tile and grout cleaning essential?

  • Revamping the look of your floors
  • Reduce chances of chipping and cracking
  • Hygienic for the family
  • Eliminates the need for replacement expenses
Are you convinced that we are the best choice for you? Well, drop your query regarding grout cleaning in Brisbane on our site today and while you are at it, do get your free quote as well. Call us for any further assistance.
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